Loutraki Region

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Loutraki region

1) Loutraki

Loutraki is a famous seaside resort. The town is well known for its vast natural springs and its therapeutic spas.

The region of Loutraki-Perachora is a very important tourist destination for summer and weekend visitors from the Athens metropolitan area, due to its proximity (about 80 km) and the clean and sandy beaches surrounding the town of Loutraki and other seaside settlements. Loutraki is well known for its Casino (Club Hotel Casino Loutraki), one of the biggest in Europe.

The city is friendly and inviting at all times providing travelers with unlimited entertainment options and groovy vacations. In walking distances, enjoy window or actual shopping therapy almost everywhere in the city. From top quality international brands to traditional Greek shops, ranging from local hand crafted works of art and jewelry to furniture, porcelain, souvenirs, clothing, shoes, books and leather goods. With numerous restaurants, traditional places, seafood taverns, luxury dining spots, bakeries and patisseries but also fast foods and creperie, every day will in Loutraki will be a new culinary experience for you. Yearning for dessert after dinner? Don't miss Loutraki's legendary ice-cream shops!

What would you see here: The beautiful beach, the waterfalls, the famous casino +++

More info about Loutraki city, you can find using the Official site.

2) Saint Patapios Monastery

At a location of breathtaking view, on a steep slope of Gerania Mountains, at an altitude of 650 meters, lies Saint Patapios monastery. The monastery is established in a building complex, which constitutes an extension of the ancient hermitage of the 12th century. The monastery was founded in 1952 and extended around the hermitage through labors and sacrifices by Fr. Nectarios Marmarinos, the Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis of Corinth. The view and its physical and religious beauty rewards the visitor. Today, it functions as a convent with significant charitable and social work, such as the operation of a women's nursing home.

The monastery of St. Patapios is an attraction for visitors mainly because of the three full-length murals found in the cave where the relics of St. Patapios are. The body is in a closed casket with glass, dressed in monastic robe with head and face cover. The only visible part is his right hand, while the coffin opens and the cover off his face is lifted every December 8th, the day honouring his memory.

What would you see here: The breathtaking view, the monastery +++

For more info about Saint Patapios Monastery please use this link.

3) Blue lake (Vouliagmeni)

Leaving Loutraki and going up to the mountain, you will find one of the most beautiful lagoons of Greece, embraced by a natural pine-forest, Lake Vouliagmeni, landscape of outstanding natural beauty. There you will discover the charm of a calm lake. The lake was caused by the subsidence of the ground to a kind of trench. The lagoon is 2 km. long and up to 1 km. wide. Its depth is estimated at 40 m. Α channel of 6 m. width provides an outlet to the sea.

What would you see here: The lake, a traditional chapel by the lake, +++

For more info about Blue lake (Vouliagmeni) please use this link.

4) Heraion of Perachora

The Heraion of Perachora was a sanctuary of the goddess Hera situated in a small cove of the Corinthian gulf at the end of the Perachora peninsula. In addition to a temple of Hera of unusual construction and antiquity, the remains of a number of other structures have also been found, including a L-shaped stoa, a large cistern, dining rooms, and a second potential temple.

There is a legend recounted in Euripides that Medea buried her murdered children at a sanctuary of Hera Akraia as she fled from Corinth.This may be a reference to this site. Herodotus tells the story of Periander stripping the clothes off of the Corinthian women at a sanctuary of Hera. In the 1st century CE, the Greek historian Strabo wrote that there was an oracle associated with the sanctuary.

What would you see here: The temple of Hera Akraia, the L-shaped stoa, a large cistern, dining rooms, and a second potential temple

For more info about Heraion of Perchora please use this Wikipedia link.

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